Goal Setting #2: Getting More Specific

Sitting down to set goals can sometimes be overwhelming. The worksheet provided in the first goal setting post can help get you started thinking about your “big picture” goal, your short-term or weekly goals, and what you need to do to achieve each of your weekly goals. It is often easy to think of where you want to end up at the end of the season, but it can be difficult to set up a plan about how you want to get there. The “how will I get there” goals, or process goals, can be easier to set when broken down into clear and specific categories: skill specific, game or practice plan, physical and mindfulness goals.

• Skill specific goals are goals about particular skill improvement or maintenance.

— For example, following through on your golf swing.–

• Game or practice plan goals are a broader game or practice strategy.

— For example, making sure to stay close to your opponent when playing man-to-man defense.–

• Physical goals are fitness goals that will improve your overall performance.

— For example, increasing your amount of cardio training per week, to avoid fatigue on the soccer field.–

• Mindfulness goals are mental or emotional goals that will help facilitate performance on the field.

— For example, maintaining concentration for the entire competition and letting go of mistakes.–

Now that you have read the short explanations of each type of goal above, try to incorporate these into your goal worksheet to include process goals that fit into these categories. This will help you establish a clear plan for reaching your weekly and big picture goals.

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Valarie@goalplanner posted on January 23, 2012 at 11:57 pm

I really enjoy how you give an example for each one of the techniques mentioned. I agree with you that setting goals can be very overwhelming. Often if a person is not goal oriented they may not know how to go about achieving their goals. Your illustration is a simple, detailed goal map to help others fine tune how to get from what’s on the paper to making it a reality.

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