Communication Counts

Effective communication is a great tool anyone can use to help yourself and your team play at full potential.  As an athlete or a coach, you are constantly communicating.  With words and actions, on and off the field, you are setting the tone for your approach to sport and how you relate to other members of your team.

A couple tips to communicate effectively:

Have a Clear and Consistent Message

Being clear and consistent helps to define expectations and creates accountability.  This helps push your team to reach its potential.

Be Positive and Productive

Make it clear that you’re trying to help someone or the team get better.  Being positive creates an atmosphere that unites people toward achieving a goal.  Be productive with your feedback, always have a purpose for what you’re saying and doing.

No matter your role on a team, whether you’re a coach, captain, upperclassman, or underclassman, there are numerous opportunities for you to take the initiative and communicate effectively.

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