Better Self-Care: Improved Mood & Performance

As student-athletes, it can be difficult at times to balance the demands of a busy schedule at school and on the playing field. However busy your schedule, it can be extremely beneficial to include taking care of yourself in your “to do” list. Intentionally taking time to rest and re-energize, both physically and mentally, can actually help you perform better. Below are some suggestions for ways to incorporate self-care into your schedule:

Allow yourself time to recover and refuel, in order to be more effective and more energetic throughout your day:

  • Make a clear plan for yourself.
  • Get enough sleep (strive for 8hrs/night), eat properly, and make sure to hydrate before rigorous physical or mental activity.
  • Listen to your body (stay tuned for a future blog post on how to accomplish this).

Acknowledge what is going well, rather than only focusing on areas for improvement, as this can boost your confidence and improve your overall mood:

  • Make a note of two things that went well for you as a student each day.
  • Jot down two things that went well for you as an athlete each day.
  • Next time you call home or your best friend, try starting off by talking about what is going well for you. – You can also ask about what is going well for the person you are talking with, so they can experience the benefits of this practice, too!

Appreciate and recognize those who support you, to help brighten their day and your day, and to increase your awareness of the support you have when experiencing a stressful or difficult situation:

  • Say thank you to a teammate or coach that helped you out at practice.
  • Write an e-mail (or maybe even a hand-written note!) to someone important to you.
  • Take a moment to make a list of the people you are thankful for. You might be amazed by how big/strong your support system actually is.

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