Seeing Is Believing

Imagery can be referred to as the pictures or images that go through one’s mind.

Do you have a vision of what you look like when you perform?  Does this vision match your ideal self during practice or games?  If you are looking to enhance or maintain a mental image of your self or your performance, imagery training may be beneficial for you!

The brain is a powerful tool that allows a capacity to create experiences in the mind.  Whether you are imagining a performance, or physically performing, similar structures in the brain are being used.  In many ways, your brain does not know the difference between imagery and actual activity.  This allows performers an ability to prepare strategies, enhance and automate routines, build confidence, and hone focus.  Imagery training allows awareness and understanding of emotions.  Through purposeful and positive imagery, performers can learn to elicit more productive emotions while performing.

Give it a try: What do you want to imagine in your next performance?

Write down your own imagery script, where you are achieving a goal, or having a joyful performance.  Imagine yourself in a successful position, and visualize yourself doing it over and over again with great achievement.  Pick out as many details as you can about the environment. You can try including productive emotions in your imagery practice. What do you hear, see, feel, smell, or taste?

Have fun with your imagery, and remember that many top performers visualize success before it happens.  Prepare yourself by seeing and believing!

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