Confidence building #3: Convince yourself confident

Our last voyages into confidence building involved becoming more aware of what makes you confident, and using videos and modeling to increase your confidence. A third way to build confidence is to convince yourself to be more confident.

Here are two ways to approach it:

1) You can physically make yourself feel more confident. So take a minute, and picture this…you’re walking onto the playing field, you feel good about yourself and your upcoming performance, and you’re fired up, ready to go. Now think…what does a confident YOU look like, to someone else?

Seriously…think about it.

Or think about some famous people who exude confidence – President Obama walking out to give a speech, Tom Brady running onto the field to lead a game winning drive – what do they look like?

Ok…what’d you come up with?

Most likely, you stood up straight, looked forward, head up, shoulders back. These are some of the more common signs of confidence, and you probably came up with others too. The good news? You can make yourself do all of those things! In doing so, you will actually feel more confident. Our bodies are conditioned to feel more competent when we present ourselves that way.

At West Point, cadets are taught to “walk with a purpose”. You can do the same…walk with a sense of purpose, and you will feel the confidence come alive.

2) You can also tell yourself to be more confident. Think about a statement that makes you feel this way – “I’m ready for this.” “I’m fast.” “I’m strong.” “I’ve prepared all season for this.” “This hard work will pay off.” Telling yourself this (when you really believe it), will help you to feel more confident. And I’m guessing when you don’t feel confident, you’re not telling yourself these things.

So next time you notice that your confidence is waning, make a conscious effort to go out there – head high, shoulders back, eyes straight ahead – and think to yourself “I’m so ready for this.” Notice how good it feels. You’ve done the work, now it’s time to reap the benefits.

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