Walking the Walk #1: What does leadership look like?

Have you ever been on a team where the leadership (coach, captain, senior… etc.) just didn’t quite understand how to, well, lead? Maybe they didn’t have a clear idea of what a leader is and what it takes to really lead? For whatever reason, they couldn’t connect the dots between who they are and the role and purpose of a leader.

A leader is typically seen as someone who directs a group toward achieving specific goals. Seems pretty straightforward, but directing a team in achieving a goal is an incredibly difficult task. So, how can you help your team take the steps toward achieving goals?

A great way to understand how you can better direct your team is to look at someone who clearly understands how to lead and learn from them. Great leaders can act as a guide to help you understand what it takes to best lead your team.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Make a list of great leaders (Don’t feel the need to confine yourself to sport either!), some examples: Pat Summitt, Tom Brady, Hillary Clinton, Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King Jr., or even a friend or family member.
  • Using this list, write down as many of their leadership skills as you can
  • Chose 4-5 to focus on that you believe are especially important: For example: motivating, respectful, positive, sets a good example, and reliable

Taking the time to learn from leadership models can go a long way in making you a better leader. Importantly, it’s never to soon to start gaining leadership expertise. Just like any other skill, it takes dedication and practice to develop great leadership skills. Look to great leaders as models to take your first step in becoming a better leader today.

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