That Little Voice

Everyone has a little voice inside their head.  This voice is constantly there, commenting on our thoughts, feelings and actions.  Our internal dialogue has the potential to greatly influence our behaviors.  What’s your voice saying to you?

Try this:

DON’T think of a giant chocolate chip cookie.

What immediately popped into your head?  A cookie, right?

If you really like cookies your mouth may have even began to water just thinking about that giant chocolate chip cookie.

Now let’s get a little more sport specific.

Many times when we’re practicing and competing we tell ourselves what NOT to do.

For example:

  • Don’t miss the shot
  • Don’t let them score
  • Don’t stop
  • Don’t give up

Given what we learned before about the cookie, when we think about NOT doing something, what are we more likely to do?

That’s right!  We are likely to end up doing just that thing that we weren’t supposed to do.

The next time you’re challenged, try to focus on the positive.  Think about exactly what it is you DO want to do.  And avoid thinking DON’T.

For example:

  • Make this shot
  • Play strong defense
  • Keep going
  • Keep moving
  • Win the game

The positive little voice inside our head has great potential to change our actions for the better.

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