BU Mental Conditioning Services

The development and maintenance of mental and emotional resources has shown benefit to athletes in removing mental and physical barriers and clearing a path to excellence.  Building awareness and understandings of how to manage such resources helps athletes in learning to consistently create an ideal mental climate that leads to optimal performance.  The following skills are at the heart of mental conditioning:

  • Goal Setting
  • Imagery & Visual Skills
  • Confidence Building
  • Improved Self-Awareness
  • Concentration & Focus
  • Preparation, Motivation, Control
  • Leadership & Communication Skills
  • Team Building and Psycho-educational Workshops

Mental Conditioning will be provided by advanced graduate students receiving comprehensive training and supervision in sport and exercise psychology.  Students are pursuing Advancement for Applied Sport Psychology Certification (CC-AASP), highlighting their commitment to ethical, competent, and professional practice.  The AASP Certified Consultant guidelines clearly articulate the most appropriate uses for Mental Conditioning Coaches:

  • Working with an athlete on performance-relevant issues (i.e., performance anxiety).
  • Consulting directly with an athletic team and/or coaching staff in an applied sport psychology setting while teaching such topics as goal-setting, cohesion, relaxation/activation skills, concentration, confidence-building, imagery, self-talk, and performance routines.

Current BU Mental Conditioning Coaches:

  • Val Altieri, EdM
  • Vanessa LoVerme, EdM
  • Kelly Madden, EdM

Advising will be overseen by:

Dr. Amy Baltzell, CC-AASP, Program Coordinator and Clinical Assistant Professor, Sport Psychology

(E) baltzell@bu.edu

Dr. Adam Naylor, CC-AASP, Graduate Internship Coordinator and Clinical Assistant Professor, Sport Psychology

(E) ahnaylor@bu.edu

(Twitter) @ahnaylor

Important Notes:

  • Mental Conditioning is not a resource for clinical psychology issues (i.e. depression, disordered eating, etc.).  The BU Athletic Training staff will facilitate referrals to Behavioral Medicine and Student Health Services (617-353-3569) for such interventions.
  • BU’s Sport and Performance Psychology program is based out of BU’s School of Education.  For more information visit – http://www.bu.edu/sed/academics/graduate/edm/counseling/.
  • Services are limited to availability and appropriate matching of athlete and student.