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Confidence building #3: Convince yourself confident

Our last voyages into confidence building involved becoming more aware of what makes you confident, and using videos and modeling to increase your confidence. A third way to build confidence is to convince yourself to be more confident. Here are two ways to approach it: 1) You can physically make yourself feel more confident. So […]

Confidence #2: Another way to build confidence

In part 1, we discussed building confidence by noting and tracking your successes. However, there are other ways to help increase your confidence for performance. A second strategy to build confidence is to sit back and watch. Watch your teammates, watch your competition, watch videos on youtube or online, or ask your coach to videotape […]

Confidence #1: A simple start

Confidence is a term regularly used when describing athletes and high performance. Some people think that either you’re confident or you’re not. However, there are a bunch of ways for athletes to build confidence and improve performance that are simple and available to everyone. Today, we will provide you with a good first step to […]

Welcome to BU Mental Conditioning

Over the next few months, our team of BU sport psychology graduate students will be introducing you to the field of sport psychology and mental conditioning, while giving you useful strategies to improve your performance.  For a quick introduction to mental conditioning, check out the frequently asked questions tab above.  Check back regularly for updates.