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Mindfulness: The Power of Non-Judgmental Acknowledgment

Stay focused. Think positive. Leave the day’s baggage in the locker room. These are all things that athletes are consistently told in order to excel on the field, the court or the ice. If you can do these things, that’s great. Performance certainly is enhanced when you are able to control your thoughts and emotions. […]

Preparing for the Off-Season

For many collegiate athletes, it might be unclear how to approach the off-season, especially for those that are leaving campus. When you’re away from the team-system, it’s tempting to eat junk food and lounge at the beach, but this makes getting back into practice difficult in the fall. On the other hand, the off-season is […]

Better Self-Care: Improved Mood & Performance

As student-athletes, it can be difficult at times to balance the demands of a busy schedule at school and on the playing field. However busy your schedule, it can be extremely beneficial to include taking care of yourself in your “to do” list. Intentionally taking time to rest and re-energize, both physically and mentally, can […]

Goal Setting #2: Getting More Specific

Sitting down to set goals can sometimes be overwhelming. The worksheet provided in the first goal setting post can help get you started thinking about your “big picture” goal, your short-term or weekly goals, and what you need to do to achieve each of your weekly goals. It is often easy to think of where […]

Goal Setting #1: Getting Started

When thinking about athletic goals, it’s easy to come up with big picture ideas, like getting a college scholarship or winning a national championship. Goals like these are important motivators for many athletes and certainly should not be ignored, but they shouldn’t be your only focus. In order to ultimately reach these goals, it’s important […]