BU Sport & Performance Psychology Team 2018-19


Mason Blake

Mason played academy soccer in England for 10 years before going on to pursue a BSc in Sport Psychology at the University of Roehampton in London. Mason recently graduated from the University of Denver’s MA in Sport and Performance Psychology program, where he worked as a mental skills consultant for the Center for Performance Excellence, consulting with youth soccer academy, leadership development, gymnastics and track and field programs alongside individual clients. Mason is currently a first-year Glenn Fellow in the Counseling Psychology and Applied Human Development Program.


Riley Fitzgerald                                                                             

Over the past five years, Riley has worked with numerous teams and organizations helping athletes develop their mental game in order to compete and perform at their best on a consistent basis. In addition to serving as a coach-educator for USA Hockey, Riley has provided mental performance services to competitive athletes in the collegiate setting and beyond, including those at Tufts University, Boston University, Endicott College, and in the ECHL.


Maddie Lenard      

Originally from California, Maddie enjoyed playing high-level soccer throughout high school and college. She earned a Master’s degree from BU with a concentration in Sport and Performance Psychology and is entering her second year in the Counseling Psychology PhD program. She has worked with Division I and Division III teams and individual athletes from a wide variety of sports. Maddie enjoys working with athletes to tailor mental performance programs to their individual needs and help them perform under pressure.


Stephanie Dinius                                                                                      

A former Div. I cross country and track & field athlete, Steph is a second-year PhD student in Counseling Psychology at BU. Prior to the doctoral program, she graduated from BU with a Master’s in Counseling and Sport and Performance Psychology. Over the last four years, Steph has worked with individual athletes and teams from a variety of sports at BU and other Boston-area institutions. In addition to mental skills training (e.g., goal-setting, self-talk, anxiety management, etc.), she enjoys supporting student-athletes coping with injury.






Morgan Fuller

Morgan graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2018 and is now pursuing her EdM in Counseling and Sport Psychology at BU. Her goal in life is to help develop happy, healthy, and successful athletes by combining the power of sport with the important, but often neglected, concept of life balance. Only after she was forced to give up her identity as a basketball player did she realize she had not prepared herself for life beyond basketball. But, following a period of lost identity, Morgan was able to take all that she had gained as an athlete, apply it to other aspects of her life, and ultimately grow in unexpected ways. Drawing from that experience, she has come to appreciate the significance of identity, purpose, and meaning in sport. Now as a mental performance consultant, she seeks to not only help athletes find success and joy in their athletic journey but in life beyond that as well.










Kayla Gromen

Kayla is a former Division III volleyball player. She attended Ithaca College where she received her Bachelor’s in Psychology with minors in Sport and Exercise Psychology and Counseling. At Ithaca Kayla participated in many athlete-focused extra-circulars such as Leadership Academy, Captain’s Council and Student-Athlete Advisory Council. These groups allowed her to sharpened her leadership skills and facilitate discussion with other athletes on campus.  Currently, Kayla is a second year in BU’s Master’s of Education in Counseling with a concentration in Sport Psychology program. Outside of BU, Kayla worked with Brandeis University’s men’s soccer, fencing, and softball teams. She also is an assistant volleyball coach for the Judges. 








Jeremy Rahn

Jeremy is originally from Pennsylvania where he played and coached baseball and basketball. He graduated with a degree in Kinesiology from Penn State University and worked for two years as a sport psychology project coordinator in New York City, where he created and organized content for performers in sport, entertainment, healthcare, and business. He is currently pursuing his Master’s degree from BU with a concentration in Sport and Performance Psychology. Jeremy has provided mental performance services to both high school and college athletes. He is currently a mental health intern at Doc Wayne Youth Services.