Works in Progress

Jewish Rights, National Rites

Nationalism and Autonomy in Late Imperial and Revolutionary Russia

Forthcoming with Stanford University Press (Stanford Studies in Jewish History and Culture)

Focusing on Russian Jewry, this book traces the theory, meaning, and practice of non-territorial Jewish autonomy, from the turn of the twentieth century to the early 1920s. I describe how Jewish nationalism emerged at the same time as new ideas about the legal rights of individuals and groups, and evolved alongside similar movements for autonomy among other national minorities in the Russian and Austrian Empires. See a brief explanation here.




Chapter 1. Jewish Autonomy Imagined and Remembered

Chapter 2. Jewish Autonomy and Europe’s Changing Legal Landscape

Chapter 3. Revolution, Nationality Politics, and the Legal Claim to Jewish Autonomy, 1905-7

Chapter 4. Jewish Culture and Autonomy in Reform and Retrenchment, 1907-14

Chapter 5. Transnational Politics and Jewish Autonomy in World War I, 1914-17

Chapter 6. The Jewish Autonomist Movement and the Revolutions of 1917

Chapter 7. Civil War, Independent States, and Unfulfilled Expectations

Conclusion. The Fate of Jewish Autonomism