2014 New Members’ First Shows

This was a big weekend for our new members of SAB – they had their first performances!

On Friday night we performed at the BU School of Public Health International Students Organization Global Festival, where we performed “Lights” (choreographed by Sarah Donovan).

New members Kate, Ashley, Fiona, Jamie, Ellie, Mai, and Summer after their first performance

New members Kate, Ashley, Fiona, Jamie, Ellie, Mai, and Summer after their first performance.

On Saturday we took part in Kol Echad’s annual One Voice multicultural show, where we again performed “Lights.”


Our beautiful group – old members and new!

One Voice New Members

New Members – Molly, Summer, Kate, Mai, Ellie, Jamie, Fiona, and Ashley


Alumni Weekend 2014

We had our first performances of the semester this past weekend!

On Friday we had a casual performance at the 808 Gallery for the Institute for the Study of Irish Culture at the 2nd Annual Arts Crawl. Our set included Black & Gold (choreographed by Molly Kafka), a three-hand, and a step about. We were joined by some fabulous traditional music – all in all it was a great time.

Rachel, Bridget, Caroline, and Meghan performed some traditional soft-shoe dances.

Rachel, Bridget, Caroline, and Meghan performed a mix of  traditional and modern soft-shoe dances.

On Saturday, we performed on Marsh Plaza for BU Alumni Weekend along with some of BU’s other talented groups. Our set included St. Patrick’s Day, a modified Treble Reel, and a step about.

Jessica, Nicole, Meghan, Rachel, and Bridget performed a traditional heavy shoe set at Marsh Plaza

Jessica, Nicole, Meghan, Rachel, and Bridget performed a more traditional heavy shoe set at Marsh Plaza

Unfortunately we were unable to get any video of our dancers this weekend but, as always, you can see our old performances on our youtube channel!

Ceili 2014!


Check out a few of our pictures from this year’s Ceili! We all had so much fun sharing everything we’ve been working on this year with our friends and family. We appreciate the support of everyone who came out. You can check out videos of all the performances on our YouTube Channel!





Boston Strong

Tonight at 6pm, Step About Boston will be dancing at a free poetry reading by Irish poet Paul Muldoon, coordinated by the Institute for the Study of Irish Culture here at BU. http://www.bu.edu/cgs/citl/isic/news-events/

When we planned this show several months ago, we had no idea what this week would be like. We have decided to dedicate our performance tonight to the victims of the attack at the Boston Marathon, and particularly Jane Richard, a young Irish dancer who was seriously injured in the attack, and her family.

We will keep dancing. We are Boston Strong.

Photo by Margaret Hester.

St. Patrick’s Day Week Shows!

Tomorrow’s St. Patrick’s Day, and it’s one of our favorite days! We will be dancing all day tomorrow, and we’re going to continue the celebrations all week long! Check us out at one of these shows:

Sunday 3/17: 2 p.m. at the Green Dragon, Paddy O’s and Hennessy’s, 3 Irish pubs in Boston. Check out more info on the pubs here!

Sunday 3/17: 6&7 p.m. at the Irish Cultural Center of New England

Monday 3/18: 6:30 p.m. at Boston Healthcare For the Homeless

Friday 3/22: 1 p.m. at Boston Medical Center

Saturday 3/23: 4:30 p.m. at The Druid pub in Cambridge

We hope we’ll see you at one, or more, of our shows this week! Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

It’s Ceili Week!

We are all so, so excited to perform for you all at our annual Ceili next Friday, March 1st! We’ve been working really hard this year putting together some awesome dances and we can’t wait to share them! We’ll be spending this next week putting the final touches on the lovely dances choreographed by our dance captains, Mikayla Amoling, Nicole Homerin, and Liz Morlock, as well as some solos and small group pieces. Along with that, we will have live celtic music performed by The Band Tradition, free traditional Irish food (and some goodies!), and we’ll even be teaching some dance moves to the audience!

The ceili will be held in Boston University’s SAC Gym at 1 University Rd at 7:30 p.m. It’s a really fun night and we hope some of you will come out and join us!

From Dublin to Delhi: A Night of Dance

We are so excited to finally be putting on our own show in the fall semester!  We’ve paired up with Dheem, a classical Indian dance group on campus to create From Dublin to Delhi: A Night of Dance. There will be both classical Irish and Indian solo and group performances and one dance that the two groups collaborated together! And, as any good event does, we will have free food! The refreshments served will be both traditional Irish and Indian food (although we won’t be serving the most traditional Irish refreshment: Guinness.) It’s still going to be a really fun night! If you haven’t seen us perform, this will be a really great night to do so — it’s free! — and if you’re a regular at our performances, this will be a good chance to see us and to introduce yourself to a new type of dance! Consider coming out to BU Central (in the basement at 775 Commonwealth Ave) this Wednesday, November 7 at 8 p.m. to come watch!

We hope we’ll see you there!

October Performances!

We’ve been practicing so hard lately, we’ve hardly found time to update you on what we have going on! We finished learning the choreography by our wonderful Liz Morlock, dance captain, last night though and we’re so excited to debut it at some performances this weekend!

This Sunday, October 28th we will be performing in TWO (That’s right, TWO) shows on campus! First, we’ll go for a little bit of competition at the 3rd annual So You Think BU Can Dance, presented by BU’s China Care Fund. We’ve performed in shows that the China Care Fund has put on before and they’re always a lot of fun, so we’re really excited about this one!


After that, we will head over to Montage!, put on by Boston University’s Ballroom Dance Club & Team. Montage! is usually our first show of the semester, and we really love it! It’s so much fun to dance in and to watch the other groups that are participating!


Last but not least, to add to an already very Irish-dance-filled weekend, our aforementioned dance captain Liz will be competing (also on Sunday) at the Harvest Time Feis in Burlington, MA. Wish her luck!

We hope we’ll see you at one of our shows! We promise you’ll have a lot of fun!

Boston Irish Festival

One of Step About Boston’s biggest performances thus far will be next weekend. We are performing twice, once on Saturday 6/9 and once on Sunday 6/10, at the Boston Irish Festival in Canton, MA. Along with SAB, there will be tons of other acts and activities going on all weekend. If you’re in the area, you should definitely think about coming by and checking it out, and hopefully catching our show!

For more information and tickets, visit their website.

More Performances!

Just when we think our semester is wrapping up, the offers for performances keep rolling in! So this Saturday SAB will be performing at Families for Depression Awareness’ event, Strides Against Stigma on Nickerson Field. The event is a walk-a-thon to raise awareness for depression which will be going on all day, and there is a recommended donation of $10 for the event. If you’d like to just come see us dance, though, we’ll be going on around 2:40 and you can get in for free! We’d love to see some of you come out to support an awesome cause and watch us perform some cool choreography!

Don’t forget that we will also be performing Monday April 30th at the Excellence in Student Activities Awards Show (Metcalf Ballroom, 7p.m.)!

These will be probably be our last shows of the semester, so we hope you can catch at least one of them!