September 19, 2013


Please click the link above to download the minutes from September 19.  They’re also displayed below.


STHSA Meeting September 19, 2013



Joseph Kyser MDiv ’14 – president

Desi Sharp MDiv ’14 – vice president

Kate Byers MDiv ‘15

Emma Escobar MDiv ‘14

Anne Hillman, ThD 5th year

Jess Chicka, ThD 3rd year

Ashley Anderson, MDiv/MSW ‘14

Calissa Dauterman, MDiv ‘14

Lauren Hickey, MDiv ‘15

Johnny Gall, MDiv ‘15

Laura Owen, MDiv ‘15

Haley Jones, MDiv ’15 – treasurer

Carrie Swanson, MDiv ‘16

Jason Blakeburn, MTS ‘14

Tim Snyder, PhD

Gina Zurlo, PhD

Kristen Redford, MDiv ’15 – secretary

Kevin Washington, MDiv ‘15

Heiseung Lee, MDiv ‘15

Kaneisha Howard, MDiv ‘15



Joseph opens with agenda for today followed by opening moment of silence to remember people came before us and people come after us and the decisions we make influence those who come after us.


Community Life Committee: Lambert Rahming (MDiv) and Kate Soules (non-MDiv) have been chosen by a majority of those assembled that voted to be recommended to the faculty.

Contextual Education and Lifelong Learning (CELL): Brian Teed (MDiv) and Lindsay Queener (MTS) have been chosen by a majority of those assembled that voted to be recommended to the faculty.

Academic Policies, Procedures, and Fellowship (AAPF): Sam Lyons (MDiv) and Jason Blakeburn (MTS) have been chosen by a majority of those assembled that voted to be recommended to the faculty.

Theology Faculty Search Committee: Greylyn Hydinger (Masters) and Jess Chicka (Doctoral) have been chosen by a majority of those assembled that voted to be recommended to the faculty.

Library Committee: Nathan Hoefgen-Harvey (Masters) and Soren Hessler (Doctoral) have been chosNe by a majority of those assembled that voted to be recommended to the faculty.


STHSA open positions

The open positions for STHSA representatives and officer are Doctoral Representative, International Student Representative, MDiv Representative, Non-MDiv Representative, First Year Representative, and Public Relations Officer.

  • Sarah Miller is nominated for International Student Representative
  • Colin Burns is nominated for Non-MDiv Representative
  • Jason Blakeburn is nominated for Non-MDiv Representative


Budget/Reimbursement Request Procedures

Haley explains where to find the two kinds of budget request forms on the newly updated STHSA website.  There are two kinds of budget request forms: one for student organizations and one for student interest groups.  Student organization’s budget requests are due October 1, and representatives from clubs should be present at the STHSA meeting on October 3 to discuss their proposed budgets.  The budget request form asks for the entire year’s budget, which is a maximum $800, but only $400 will be disbursed per semester unless you can justify why you need more than $400 for the fall semester.  Send completed form to Haley or STHSA.


Budget Poll

Joseph clarifies that the budget poll will not be determinative on its own, but rather used in conversation during the October 3 meeting to discuss if STHSA will change how it spends its money. He encourages people to fill it out and to remind their fellow STH classmates and peers to vote as well.  It is anonymous, so no one will know how people vote specifically.  If you cannot come to the meeting, but want a voice at the meeting, email one of the STHSA officers or have a friend who will be at the meeting speak on your behalf.

Registering Student Organizations

Desi reminds representatives of student organizations that they must have a full slate of officers and a faculty advisor as well as scheduled event throughout the year and turn in this information to SAO by September 30 in order to receive money this year.  Existing student organizations should be able to do this easily.  New student organizations have extra paperwork to do and should attempt to begin the process ASAP.  Students interested in a particular activity form a Student Interest Group through STHSA and can request money from STHSA for a one-off event without getting registered through SAO.  Student Interest Groups can ask for up to half of what a student organization can request.

New officers of student organizations need to be listed as officers in YouDo or else SAO won’t take your signature sheet.  This is also true for your faculty advisor if you have changed from last year.

Student Organization Fair

On September 26, we will be hosting an organization fair on the BU Beach from 12-2pm.  Each student group needs to tell me if you’re coming and how many representatives you will have attending so we can plan for the number of groups per table.  Do not bring food.  If we will have food at all is up in the air right now.  It’s recommended that organizations bring a signup sheet for students to write their name and email addresses, as well as information on events they will or have had.


Jason Blakeburn voices a desire to take some form of collective action either within STHSA or across the university that graduate stipends be disbursed the fourth Friday in August instead of the fourth Friday in September (which is the current arrangement).  The current arrangement severely inconveniences all students with stipends and often means a hold winds up being placed on their account because they  can’t pay their balances.

Calissa moves to adjourn the meeting. Kristen seconds.  Meeting adjourned.


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