October 10, 2013

STHSA Meeting Minutes October 10, 2013


Kristen Redford, MDiv ‘15

Joseph Kyser, MDiv ‘14

Haley Jones, MDiv ‘15

Kourtni Brown, MDiv ‘15

Lauren Delano, MDiv ‘16

Lauren Hicker, MDiv ‘15

Ian Boley, MDiv ‘16

Laura Owens, MDiv ‘15

Ky Scott, MDiv ‘16

Jason Blakeburn, MTS ‘14

Carrie Swanson, MDiv ‘16

Ashley Anderson, MDiv/MSW ‘14

Seol Yun Jeong, MDiv ‘16



  • Jason’s proposal of statement to BU currently written for the whole school
  • Resuming conversation about the budget process

Student Stipend Resolution

Jason explains the basic issue: The change in stipend process that came into effect this year has caused substantial problems.  Previously, stipends were applied directly to student account which you then got the remainder after your student account was paid.  Now, stipends are not disbursed until the fourth Friday of September and that’s a long time for grad students to go without stipends because many depend on stipends for upfront fall costs.  This was an institution-wide change, not STH.  STH has said they’re on our side and have done everything they can for us.  We genuinely and whole-heartedly want to acknowledge and express appreciation for Robyn Kinch in particular for having the STH students’ backs.  We believe the university made these changes in part to streamline the process as staff and faculty are also paid the fourth Friday of the month, so for tax/accounting purposes it makes it better for the university as a whole.

**NOTE: A copy of the adopted resolution can be found on the STHSA blog under Forms and Docs**


  • STHSA should pursue the idea of working with other student organizations.  We have connections at Public Health, Social Work, SMG, CAS already; Ashley is going to contact other school’s student association’s presidents.
  • Between the long and shorter version, Ian wants to include all of the shorter version and add from the longer version an acknowledgement of the complexity of the situation, as well as a call to other students to join STH in voicing and supporting this concern.
  • In a cover letter of the resolution, we will make sure to thank/acknowledge the work of Robyn Kinch so this resolution doesn’t seem like we don’t appreciate what she’s done for us.
  • Do we want to also include information about how the money is disbursed or only about the timing of the money?  Jason – however we receive our money is irrelevant as long as it gets to us in time.  Ky – if the university policy is to pay on the 24th (fourth Friday of the month), this is easier for the university.  Ian and Kourtni – the issue is that this streamlined purpose is exponentially hurting the student body.
  • Ashley – need to clarify the point of the article
  • Jason – it’s coming into a middle of an existing conversation that’s been going on at the university level; we’re coming in mid-way asking other people to join us in acknowledging this problem before it gets worse.
  • A note about how the disbursement process was changed in both timing and form was included.
  • Ky – Active v. passive voice – wants the language more active overall
  • Ky moves to make the voice in the resolution active.  Ashley seconds.  Ky – with an active voice, we show how we were at the reciprocation of an action and this is an issue we need to have everybody be behind from the student body.  Ashley – makes sense in some places and not in others.  If Jason has the time he can go through and change as he feels it should happen.  Ian – more interested in getting it out than deliberating on the language which would likely mean tabling it another week.
  • Resolved section – should we put the “unjust” language into this section?
  • Will upload this to Forms and Documents page of blog – please review it for a week and ponder today’s discussion then return next week and hopefully vote to send it out.


Taking snack requests for celebration of new basement community space party.  Ashley will be emailing student groups to help with décor and food.  From 1-4pm that Wednesday Oct 23.

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