Meeting Minutes Oct 17

STHSA Meeting Minutes October 17, 2013


Haley Jones, treasurer, MDiv ‘15

Desi Sharp, vice president, MDiv ‘14

Anne Hillman, ThD 5th year

Lauren Delano, MDiv ‘16

Jason Blakeburn, MTS ‘14

Ky Scott, MDiv ‘16

Joseph Kyser, president, MDiv ‘14

Ashley Anderson, MDiv/MSW ‘14

Carrie Swanson, MDiv ‘16

Kourtni Brown, MDiv ‘15

Kristen Redford, secretary, MDiv ‘15

Ian Boley, MDiv ‘16

Seol Yun Jeong, MDiv ‘16


REFLECTION: We light a candle to remember the people before us and those yet to come that are impacted by our actions now.


Kristen: Proposing the idea of sending people to The Clayroom in Brookline to paint coffee mugs for the new community space.  It feels like a good way to have the student body that helped make this space possible leave a personalized lasting mark.  Discussion:

  • There is a preference for mugs as opposed to other dishes
  • Plan to make an announcement and signing up at community lunch
  • At the Clayroom, choose standard sizes for mugs (not huge ones or espresso cups)
  • Scheduling – Thursday, Nov. 7 (Desi and Robin leading the group) and Friday Nov. 8 (Kristen leading the group).  At Clayroom by 6.  People can meet us there or leave from STH around 5/5:15 and take the T.
  • No more than 25 mugs are needed.  We should be mindful of that with the number of people.  If more than 25 people are interested in going, we’ll need to either refuse people or discuss other items people could paint to be part of the space (i.e. decorative tiles).
  • The Spiritual Life office will contribute financially to this endeavor and Robin will attend the Thursday event.

First Community Lunch Celebration discussion:

  • Desi – The deans asked us to come up with a service/liturgy to open the space up for the students.  The body agreed to do this during the Community Lunch next week.
  • There was talk about involving Robin/Spiritual Life office in this project
  • Haley has a liturgy for new spaces in Book of Uncommon Prayer
  • Desi in charge of coordinating to write the liturgy, Kourtni and Ky will help.

Stipend resolution discussion:

  • Important for STHSA to demonstrate attempting to understand the complexity of the situation in our wording.
  • Want to ensure we’re clear that the issue is the timing of stipends NOT the process by which we get the money (which is actually better for students).
  • After discussion and edits, Kourtni moved that we accept the resolution as it is presented.  Anne seconded.  Vote: 12-0-1

Budget process is still tabeled until the next meeting.


Joseph – Next week’s meeting will be used as a pre-town hall meeting to get our brain juices going about what we might want to mention to the deans in the actual 10/31 town hall meeting.  This will be first in the agenda next week.

Haley – attention student organization leaders: budget forms have been turned in to SAO for fall allocations so check YouDo to see if/when your group’s budget has arrived.

Haley – we’ve gotten our fall allocations and we’re currently around $22,000 right now without student budgets having been taken out of that.

Ashley – the Community Lunch Student group is approved and Haley and Ashley will handle transferring funds from STHSA to the organization.

Haley – $18,622 was our specific fall allocation and is about the same as last year.

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