Meeting Minutes November 21




Kourtni Brown, MDiv ‘15

Kristen Redford, MDiv ’15, secretary

Anne Hillman, ThD

Joseph Kyser, MDiv ’14, president

Desi Sharp, MDiv ’14, vice president

Haley Jones, MDiv ’15, treasurer

Benjamin Mead, MTS ‘14

Ashley Anderson, MDiv/MSW ‘14

Lauren Delano MDiv ‘16

Dr. Shenton via Skype

Ian Boley, MDiv ‘16


Discussion of Flyer Posting in STH

  • Proposal drafted by Joseph and Ashley
  • Will address the letter to one dean and CC the other two
  • Articulating Jan 14 2014 is when we want a response from
  • Anne moved to approve the letter; Kourtni seconded. VOTE: 9-0-2


  • Collect orders until the end of the semester
  • 2nd place hoodie design on tote bag
  • We front the money – people can’t pick up until they pay

Money Request

  • Kristen requests $50 to spend on a mug holder, tea cart, or some other item to display the mugs in the new community center.
  • Kristen will consult with Ashley before purchasing anything.
  • Kristen moves to allocate $50 to spend on display item for mugs; Ian seconds. Vote: 9-0-1


  • Nothing happening for the community at Theo House
  • Confusion over if 100 Bay State university-wide dinner is open to all students.  Marsh Chapel staff have been advertising it as if it is university-wide, but website says and RAs told the meal was for undergraduates only.


  • Proposed to have a party during this meeting time; possibly December  12th at 5; Wednesday, Dec 11 4:30-6:30.
  • Ashley will coordinate out food, decorations, and room arranging with Anne and Kourtni’s help
  • Make sure staff is invited
    • Ask Robin to help spread word
    • Dr. Shenton will work to think of other people to reach out to as well
    • Community Lunch announcement the week before will emphasize staff and faculty are invited


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