The School of Theology Student Association is made up of all students in the School of Theology who want a voice in what takes place in student life at the Boston University School of Theology. Everyone is invited to Student Association meetings to ensure that your education and your passions are facilitated, supported, and empowered by your fellow students and the School of Theology administration.


We are a representative body of theological students, who uphold the School of Theology Community Principles of love, justice, respect, safety, rights, and responsibility.  Through cooperative leadership, we empower students and foster vibrant community by advocating for student concerns with administration, organizing events, and funding student groups and activities.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Student Association is to assess School of Theology student community needs and facilitate responses to those needs. The Student Association endeavors to realize these goals through resources of funding, organization, and liaison with school and university faculty, staff, and administration.

1. The Student Association shall work to develop collegiality among students, faculty and administration by bringing together special interest groups within the community, as well as the community as a whole, for educational and social experiences, and by advocating spiritual experiences including worship, private devotion, and social witness.

2. The Student Association shall work closely with the faculty and administration to ensure proper student representation in matters of importance to the life of the School of Theology.  Mutual responsibility and cooperation shall be developed and encouraged between students, faculty, and administration.