MTS Society

The MTS Society is a social organization that meets weekly at the conveniently located BU Pub.  The MTS Club specifically caters to MTS students but also welcomes students from other degree programs

While primarily a social organization, the MTS Club provides an atmosphere where students who are planning to enter into career paths such as working in a non-profit setting or pursuing further academic studies can share questions, concerns, and ideas to further professional development and personal growth.  MTS Club participants tend to have an academic/philosophical interest in theology.

The weekly meetings provide an environment for students to continue exploring, discussing, and processing topical subjects presented in the classroom.  Additionally, MTS Club offers a chance to interact with our fellow pub-visiting professors in a non-classroom setting.

For more information on the MTS Club contact the 2015-2016 Officers:

President: Lauren Hobler
Vice President: Kendra Moore
Treasurer: Chad Moore
Secretary: Anthony Harrison