The THecology Club seeks to discern an ecological vision of prophetic discipleship in the face of ecocide and issues of eco-justice.  Incorporating spiritual discipline, personal transformation, and community/political activism, the recently formed THecology Club wants BUSTH to lead and support a prophetic witness for the dying planet, including the disproportionate effects of toxins and climate change on impoverished and minority communities, both locally and globally.  We are establishing mutually supportive relationships with other BU groups and with local parishes and communities, as we also seek to promote green curricula and awareness at the STH, and to transform the STH into a beacon of ecological justice.  We also have a lot of fun!

For more information, contact the 2015-2016 ThECOlogy Officers:

President: Jared Bradley
Vice President: Mary Curtsmith
Treasurer: Lucas Boomsma
Secretary: Eva Englert