Wesleyan Student Association

The Wesleyan Students Association is aimed at facilitating the professional and spiritual development of all at STH who claim John Wesley and the people called Methodists as part of their religious heritage. The group works to create community in the midst of this commonality, sharing in monthly meals. We provide frameworks for helping one another to make his or her way through the candidacy process of her given denomination. We facilitate discussion around issues dealing with Wesleyan spirituality and practice through public forums and special speakers. Finally, we work with the faculty to develop healthy Wesleyan theology in each individual who engages the group in earnest, with the end goal that they might be better representatives of our tradition when returning to positions of Christian leadership.

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For more information contact the 2015-2016 WSA Officers:

President: Alyssa Baker
Vice President: Trey Witzel
Treasurer: Brandon Powell
Secretary: Lucas Boomsma