September 18


By susanvik

manana, mañana

July 31

Homework for Friday, 8/2

By susanvik

Cinderella Man:   Chapter 10  sentence completions

Grammar–review pp. 214–215

July 29

Homework for Wednesday, 7/31

By susanvik

Cinderella Man– read chapters 9 and 10

Grammar–review pp. 202–204;  208–210

Paragraph for Friday, 8/1:   A person your admire and/or respect  (see p. 176)


•double spaced

•correct paragraph format


July 26

Homework for Monday, July 29

By susanvik

Grammar:  pp. 104–107

–questions and sentences with yet and already (college application handout)

–study and practice for quiz (see handout)


July 24

Homework for Friday, 7/26

By susanvik

Cinderella Man–prepare the questions for chapters 7 and 8;   work on part II of the handout

Grammar:  review  pp. 100–101

D2 B p. 102 write sentences 2, 3, 4, 5

No quiz this Friday!

July 22

Homework for Wednesday, 7/24

By susanvik

Cinderella Man Chapters 6, 7, and 8

Grammar–review p. 97

Find the name of the governor of Massachusetts


July 17

Homework for Friday, 7/19

By susanvik

Grammar:  write pp. 150–151

Verb quiz

Bring Cinderella Man and handout

July 16

Homework for Thursday, 7/18.

By jdiiugli

Study for a Vocabulary Test for Thursday, 7/18.

July 15

Breaking the fast dinner, Friday, 7/19

By susanvik

Abdulrahman is kindly organizing an iftar dinner for our class this coming Friday at 8 PM in CELOP.   On Wednesday, please tell him for sure if you are going to attend, if you are bringing a friend or family member, and what food you are going to bring.

Thank you, Abdulrahman!   We are looking forward to this enjoyable event and learning more about Ramadan!

July 15

Homework for Wednesday, 7/17

By susanvik

Cinderella Man–read chapters 3, 4, and 5

Grammar:  read pp. 138–139