Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

We had a great time at the USFSA Monitoring Session on November 22nd.┬áThis was our first time performing our competition program in front of the United States Figure Skating Association technical specialists and judges. We had a fifteen minute monitoring session where we performed our program a couple of times through, allowing the judges to critique each element. They told us the level of difficulty that each element would be considered at, and commented on our execution of these elements. This feedback is given to our coaches, who are then able to review it, and make necessary changes to our program to make it have an even higher quality going into our first competition. Overall we skated very well for this early in the season, especially as it was our first time performing in front of judges. They thought that we were making good progress, and for the majority of the elements, it was clear what level of difficulty we were going for, and with even more practice they thought we would be able to achieve these levels. There were a couple of elements that they didn’t understand as well or think we would be able to achieve high enough results in competition, so they advised our coaches to make changes to ensure we could have the highest quality program we are capable of. So we are going to take the critique of the judges and make necessary changes to our program to get us even more prepared for our first competition in a few weeks.

We will be competing at the Cape Cod Classic on December 13th, stay tuned for a report about the competition! Continue to check our blog, Facebook, and Twitter pages for updates! GO BU!

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