First Week of Practice

We’re wrapping up our first week of practice and can we just say: it was amazing! Thanks to all our new Lady Pilots for showing your dedication and willingness to work hard and learn new things. We can tell that you guys will be a great bunch of girls to teach. We’re  impressed by level of skill and athleticism we’re already seeing and can’t wait to see how you guys grow and develop on the field.

Next week: We’ll be having FULL practices. We practice on Tuesday/Thursdays,  start at 8:30pm (get there early!) and will be going until approximately 10:30. We’ll be on Nickerson as usual; bring a light and a dark shirt, athletic shoes, and water as usual. Consider this the norm for the rest of the semester! If you missed our first week, don’t sweat it. Send us an email at or just stop by a practice to talk to us.

Yay Ultimate!

Women’s Ultimate Captains


Splash Aftermath

Wohoo! We had 186 girls sign up at our table today and we’re very excited about every single one of them! The next move is our first open practice which will be on Tuesday, 9/9, on Nickerson Field, at 8:30pm (show up at 8:15 if you can).  The first practice will focus on the basics of the game: how to throw, how to catch, and some basic rules. You’ll get a chance to play in smaller groups, and then we’ll hopefully try out a scrimmage! It should be really fun and we hope to see everyone there!

What to bring: a light and a dark shirt (avoid gray if you can), a water-bottle, and athletic shoes (cleats if you have them, sneakers otherwise).

If you didn’t find us at Splash but would like to give us your info please fill out this form or you can email us directly at

– Women’s Ultimate Captains

Check out our twitter (@BUladypilots) and our Facebook  for more information!

Welcome Back!

We’re excited for the new upcoming season and all the new challenges and successes that we know are going to happen. Be sure to come check us out at SPLASH! this Saturday from 12-2 if you have any questions/want to be a part of the fun this year. We’ll be there to answer any and all inquiries about the team and you’ll have a chance to sign up for more information about what will be happening throughout the year.

If you have any questions that you want answered before SPLASH! please email us at

– Gus, Alice, and Laureen (Women’s Ultimate Captains)

Welcome to the BU Ultimate Home!


Men's Team

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Women's Team

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