Congratulations Dr. Cederquist!

These past few months have gone by in a flurry. Carly successfully defended her thesis back in March, won the 2017 Russek Day Award in April and is now getting ready to leave us…. it’s a bittersweet moment…. the lab will feel quite empty starting next week, but we are also very proud of her and everything she accomplished!!

So congratulations Dr. Cederquist and good luck for everything to come!!IMG_0213

A novel player in the insulin signaling pathway reported in Molecular Metabolism

Congratulations to Carly and all her co-authors for the exciting discovery of a novel player in the insulin signaling pathway now in press at Molecular Metabolism ( Dissecting the phenotype of GPS2 adipo-specific KO mice has been a long and painful process but the hard work has paid off! Not only a few more tiles have been added to the jigsaw puzzle of GPS2 cellular functions, but this work has revealed an unexpected layer of regulation of the insulin signaling pathway.

Welcome to Olivia and Greta!

And finally they are both with us!! A warm welcome to the two youngest members of the lab: Olivia was born on August 16 and Greta on October 3. Two bundles of cuteness, baby fat and lots of hair!! We wish to them and to their moms and dads many days full of joy and many nights of sound sleep! 😉

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