Valentina Perissi, PhD

Principal Investigator





 Dafne Cardan=mone postdoc Dafne M. Cardamone, PhD







Claudia Lentucci, PhD

   Post Doctoral Fellow






 Sarah HannouSAMSUNG

 Post Doctoral Fellow






Carly T. CederquistCARLY

Graduate Student

(Cellular and Molecular Biology Program)







Amanda Lopacinski – Undergraduate Exchange Student (Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Laboratory & Clinical Sciences/Met College)

Vanessa S. Hayashi – Undergraduate Student (CAS, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)

Jamie Afghani – Undergraduate Student (CAS, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)

Kayla M. Pena – Undergraduate Student (SAR, Health Science)




Jiawen Huang – Master Student (Nutrition and Metabolism Program)

Holly E. Johnson – Undergraduate Student (CAS, Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Mina  Mamdouh Sorial Youssef – Visiting  Graduate Student (University of Alexandria, Egypt)

Michelle Chan – Research Assistant

Sherry Prasad – Undergraduate Student (Seven-Year Program of Liberal Arts and Medical Education)

Jaclyn Andricovich – Undergraduate Student (Metropolitan College)