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Saving the Euro Will Mean Worse Choices for Europe

Charting the Disastrous Choices Ahead Markets are reeling because Europe’s leaders have only offered up half-measures to resolve the crisis. Not until Brussels, Paris, and Berlin realize the fundamental flaw in their current approach — a lack of real political and economic integration across the eurozone — will there be an end in sight. The […]

Europe’s Leaders Pursue New Pact

Agreement on a fiscal pact that brings deeper economic integration by making budget discipline legally binding and enforceable by European authorities is a welcome move, so long as the European Central Bank takes the next move: to become a lender of last resort. But even it were to do so, and in so doing solve […]

Can Technocratic Government be Democratic?

The resignations of Papandreou in Greece and Berlusconi in Italy, replaced by technocratic governments, have raised questions about the democracy of technocracy. These questions only gain in intensity when we add the EU Commission’s increasing powers of surveillance of member states’ national budgets, let alone those of the Troika (IMF, European Central Bank, and EU […]

Vivien Schmidt on Bloomberg Television

Berlusconi: End of an Empire (video link) (Bloomberg) — Vito Tanzi, former director of fiscal affairs at the International Monetary Fund, Maurizio Viroli, a professor at Princeton University, Ruth Santini, associate fellow at the Brookings Institution and Vivien Schmidt, professor of international relations at Boston University, talk with Bloomberg’s Sara Eisen about former Prime Minister […]

A Comment on Events in Italy

Finally, Italy has a chance to get out of the impasse, and the morass, that it has been in under Berlusconi. Elected in 2008 with the large majority needed to produce the major structural reforms needed for an economy in decline, Berlusconi did nothing—which was a replay of his previous term in office. If President […]

Vivien Schmidt on NPR’s “On Point” with Tom Ashbrook

Greeks on a Teetering Greece [Listen to program on WBUR] We bring in the Greeks to talk about what’s ahead as their country teeters. It’s all about the Greeks in Europe this week, and really around the world.  The Greeks’ debt.  The Greeks’ crisis.  The Greeks’ stunner of a sudden conversation about voting on whether […]