April 18

By wilkins


April 17

Thank You!

By wilkins

Dear Students,

Thank you for a wonderful semester.  I hope you all continue your English and remember your time at CELOP in a positive way.  It’s been a nice semester despite snowy weather, cold temperatures, and some dark days.  Those are the days that make studying English easier.

Stay in touch.  Email me with questions and comments.  I will upload the class picture from today soon.

I wish you all the best and loved being your teacher!



February 26

Wanna speak like an American?

By wilkins

Here’s a podcast you can try out if you want to hear how Americans speak:

You can try it online or on your phone.  By the way, it comes from CELOP’s own Gabby Wallace, my officemate!

January 22

Welcome to Business Communications – Pool 2

By wilkins

Our classrooms are:  Tuesday – EOP 268 & Thursday – EOP 274.  Class starts at 1:30.  If you have any questions, you may email me at   I check my mail before 8:00 pm daily.

Please check this blog every night to prepare for class.