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Microsoft and CentOS: strange bedfellows

By Mark Crovella

This is an interesting analysis of MSFT vs REL vs CentOS.

I’m continually intrigued by how the location of ‘value’ shifts in the IT industry.  It seems that software has this constant potential for being re-architected, and as a result, where the problem lies, shifts.    This article suggests that the real money-making opportunity in cloud computing right now is in management (ie, as opposed to in OSes or CPUs).   This makes sense to me and jibes with what I saw when I worked in industry.

It reminds me of how IBM, which once made oodles of money selling OSes and CPUs, eventually moved ‘up’ the value chain to selling managed ‘solutions’.   I think this was a remarkable reinvention.   I wonder if Microsoft can and will eventually do something similar.

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