Monthly Archives: October 2012

Greetings from Cloudy Seattle

Dear Academy Families, Greetings from cloudy Seattle. I am attending the annual meeting of The National Consortium of Early College Entrance Programs, being hosted this year by the Robinson Center For Young Scholars at the University of Washington, one of the 10 founding members of the Consortium, along with our Academy. Among the current members, […]

An Exciting and Productive Week at the Academy

Dear Academy Families, There have been many exciting activities to share at the Academy in the past week: An Alumni Council last Thursday, vetting our next strategic goals. Fall Festival, including a blow-up bouncy castle and contra dancing, plus a soccer victory under the lights and dance topping 150 students. A faculty retreat also vetting […]

Freshman Study Habits

| FROM ACADEMY PRESS | BY JANINA HUANG | OCTOBER, 2012 | As an incoming freshman this year at BUA, I had an assortment of worries, like if I’d enjoy my classes or get lost trying to find my way via public transportation to school. Perhaps one of my biggest worries, though, was if I’d […]

It’s Time to Take a Stand

| FROM ACADEMY PRESS | BY SARAH HOUGH | OCTOBER, 2012 | The brightness of the fire is blinding, the heat searing. The smoke, which fills the air, is inescapable. Metal bars enclose the windows and all the doors except for one are locked. All is chaos—young children screaming for their mothers, older men desperately […]

Campus Safety Update

UPDATE AS OF 10/12/12: Since this post, an arrest was made in the armed robberies and the suspect is now in custody. For the latest information see  BU Today’s article. While I prefer to write about happy and educational points of interest in my weekly letter, this week I will address a safety issue concerning […]

New and Old Traditions at the Academy

Dear Academy Families, This week, two exciting co-curricular events occurred, one an Academy tradition and the other a new  idea we hope will become a tradition. Camp Wing seems to have gone off well despite the damp weather (well, Friday was sunny and clear, at least). This annual outing allows freshmen and sophomores to bond […]