Monthly Archives: November 2012

Academy Building Project Phase II

Dear Academy Families, I just returned to my office from an exciting meeting about three important building projects on the BU campus: the new law school five-story addition and renovation of the law tower; the relocation of BU’s undergraduate admission offices from Bay State Road to a completely renovated Hillel building attached to the BU […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Academy Families, We have so much, all of us, to be grateful for at this season of thanksgiving — our wonderful students, our devoted faculty and staff, our supportive families. Just last Friday and Saturday at Lock-In we saw this combination in action, letting our kids have lots of safe fun in an overnight […]

Three Vignettes Modeling the Value of a Liberal Arts Education

Dear Academy Families, This week’s All School Meeting (ASM) was particularly noteworthy, both because of the range of reference by our speaker, and because he was my own freshman year astronomy professor at Harvard in college…! Professor Owen Gingerich is professor emeritus at Harvard in astronomy and the history of science, having chaired the latter […]

A Week of Musical Events

Dear Academy Families, This has been a week of musical events, showing the breadth and depth of our Academy community. On Monday evening, Dr. Brett Abigana, our choral and chamber ensemble teacher, gave a faculty lecture on German music under the Third Reich. He focused on two composers in particular. Erich Wolfgang Korngold  was a […]

The Academic Year, Officially in Motion

Dear Academy Families, With first quarter grades and comments now in and reviewed – by students, parents, advisers, and full faculty discussions – the 2012-2013 academic year is officially in motion. Often this first quarter “reality check” confirms what everyone had already assumed, and a student continues with no marked concern. Sometimes, however, one or […]

Voter Suppression in 2012

| FROM ACADEMY PRESS | BY RACHEL DEMMA | November, 2012 | Since 2011, Voter ID laws have been emerging at a startlingly rapid pace. For the most part, there has been little opposition from the constituents of the states that have passed these laws. This is because legislators have been using “it’s common sense” […]

Sitting in the Middle

| FROM ACADEMY PRESS | BY JANINA HUANG | November, 2012 | Every four years, there are certain events that we can expect to happen. There’s a leap year, a total solar eclipse occurs, and the Olympic games take place. Every four years, in America, we elect a new president. To some people this is […]

The Electoral College vs. The Alternative Vote

| FROM ACADEMY PRESS | BY NIX GOLDOWSKY-DILL | November, 2012 | America’s election system: the very embodiment of a fair, simple, and democratic election. One vote per person, the candidate with the most votes wins.  Simple, fair, and accurate.  Right? Unfortunately, this is not entirely the case.  Among the many complications is the Electoral […]