Monthly Archives: December 2012

A Journey of Experience

Dear Academy Families, With exams beginning next week, and winter holidays starting the week thereafter, this is my last weekly letter of the fall semester. Where did time fly? Speaking of time, my 9th grade English class has been wrapping up The Odyssey just in time for the exam. One of the fascinating beauties of […]


| FROM ACADEMY PRESS | BY SOPHIA WEDEEN | December, 2012 | Set during the Iranian Revolution and based on an actual declassified CIA operation, Argo is the gripping tale of an impossible rescue. In 1979, protestors stormed the American embassy in Tehran and took dozens of hostages, save for six diplomats who had escaped […]

Science & Technology 2012

| FROM ACADEMY PRESS | BY BENNETT VOGT | December, 2012 | So far, 2012 has seen an number of exciting scientific developments. These include a plethora of verifications of global warming, uses for the wonder-molecule graphene, and applications of 3D-printers. I would like to¬†briefly¬†discuss some of the well known, and lesser known discoveries from […]