Monthly Archives: June 2013

Sounds of Silence

| FROM THE MUSE | BY KATRINA GOLDOWSKY-DILL | MAY, 2013 | There’s the silence at a beginning: it’s a new year and you want to make it a good one. There’s the silence between a question and its answer when someone asks you don’t you think twenty-three is a tad bit too young to […]

A Fancy and Nothing More

| FROM THE MUSE | BY MARWA SAYED | MAY, 2013 | We could be wax figures Or china on your mother’s shelf. And bow and herd the sheep With our pink china cheeks. And people coo and proclaim “How precious! Are they real?” And in fights we are hurled, Are smashed to bits. Collateral […]


| FROM THE MUSE | BY MADELEINE JOUNG | MAY, 2013 | You don’t know how it happens, because you’ve been making an effort to avoid cutting someone off with the Smartecarte, but your luggage is suddenly blocking the path of a tired-looking guy in camouflage.  His backpack smells like sweat, and you judge him […]

I Won’t

| FROM THE MUSE | BY MNEMO RICE | MAY, 2013 | There are no rocks on my stomach. I leave my body and walk with your dreaming mind because you won’t let me see you. The banshees gave me a voice— it goes as deep as my thoughts, as high as my mind can […]

Castles in the Air

| FROM THE MUSE | BY MARWA SAYED | MAY, 2013 | Like yesterday was a cloud on earth And you were the gravity. Like tomorrow will be Ballast in my sails. You told me to be Patient You told me Honest to goodness. I swear. Whenever I trip along These lines that whorl, Fingerprints. […]


| FROM THE MUSE | BY AUDREY WHITE | MAY, 2013 | Hornets cloud above my head Like paralytic gas. Their fury echoes through my ears And fear freezes my blood. If I am still, do I become Invisible to them? My motionless shield Might be enough to save me. But I twitch— As if […]

Untitled, Unsent.

| FROM THE MUSE | BY SUSANNA FAAS-BUSH | MAY, 2013 | He chokes the words that coat her mind on chilly days, a small child feeding death to a broken-winged bird. Yetis and goosebumps curdle inside her until nothing more can be done. Crumpled up like a failed test, she blinds the world with […]

On Oberon (and Other Matters)

| FROM THE MUSE | BY KATRINA GOLDOWSKY-DILL | MAY, 2013 | I’ve idled many nights too warm for comfort with companionship, but most of my companions are now gone. I’ve left my husband. Oberon, though he be king of fairies, shadows, night (who cares what else) shall not rule over me. And Theseus, both […]


| FROM THE MUSE | BY DAVID KLEINMAN | MAY, 2013 | Xception: Inner Voice of a Wannabe Hero[1] It’s a busy night on the surface, but high above it’s peaceful and dark. From a standpoint on the edge of a tall rooftop, the Outlaw surveys the bright lights below. No wait, that’s crap. Sorry. […]

Love does not have the force to create stars…

| FROM THE MUSE | BY NELLL WHITE | MAY, 2013 | For Edna St. Vincent Millay Love does not have the force to create stars, nor make the sun grow brighter by its whim; it can’t revive the dead, nor remove scars, nor save a life, nor help the drowning swim. Love does not […]