Monthly Archives: April 2014

Practice What We Preach

I receive a weekly report called the “Marshall Memo: A Weekly Round-up of Important Ideas and Research in K-12 Education” that summarizes articles from 64 core publications (and branches out to other publications frequently; in 533 issues, there have been articles from a total of 285). Here are the publications that have provided 100 articles […]

Note to the Editor

Last week I read an interesting op-ed column by David Brooks on “The Employer’s Creed,” in which he makes a number of valid points about hiring to promote cultural values (The New York Times, April 1). Who wouldn’t want workers imbued with resilience, honesty, and humanity? That said, Brooks assumes that uniformly high grades are […]

The Budding Warmth of Spring

It’s that time of year: admitted students checking us out; college acceptances arriving for our Seniors; and April weather peeking its balmy head above this winter’s cold! I hope many of you can join us at our Admitted Student Reception this Sunday, April 6, from 4-6 p.m. in the SMG atrium and theater; please let […]