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Flame-Breathing Sparkle Dragons

| FROM ACADEMY PRESS | BY VICTOR ORLOV | MARCH, 2013 | Question: what do bow ties, nuclear arms, and middle school students have in common? Answer: all were present (some figuratively) at our first-ever middle school Model UN conference, run by BUA’s own Model UN delegation. Bright and early on the morning of February […]

To Beijing and Back

| FROM ACADEMY PRESS | BY SARAH HOUGH | March, 2013 | I peered out the window to find a sweeping expanse of sand, drifted into enormous dunes and extending as far as the eye could see. There was no sign of human habitation whatsoever. Yet for some reason I couldn’t take my eyes of […]

A Semi Formal Persuasion

| FROM ACADEMY PRESS | BY ANNA LIN-SCHWEITZER | JANUARY, 2013 | I’m a big believer in going to dances. They are a fun way to relieve stress, hang out with friends, and (most importantly) get free food. On the whole, a majority of the student population attends each BUA dance—Fall Festival, Semi Formal, and […]

Running Out of Adjectives: A Review of BUA’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

| FROM ACADEMY PRESS | BY JANINA HUANG | JANUARY, 2013 | Ever since some of my friends were cast back in September, I was extremely excited to see BUA’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and I am pleased to say that it did not disappoint. Quince (Sunday Hull, ’16), Bottom (Shurik Zavriyev, ’15), […]

Common Sense, Please?

| FROM ACADEMY PRESS | BY SOPHIA WEDEEN | JANUARY, 2013 | On December 14th, Adam Lanza entered a Connecticut elementary school and fatally shot 20 students and 6 teachers with a semiautomatic assault rifle. This mass shooting at Sandy Hook was not the first time that a major act of gun violence has captured […]


| FROM ACADEMY PRESS | BY SOPHIA WEDEEN | December, 2012 | Set during the Iranian Revolution and based on an actual declassified CIA operation, Argo is the gripping tale of an impossible rescue. In 1979, protestors stormed the American embassy in Tehran and took dozens of hostages, save for six diplomats who had escaped […]

Science & Technology 2012

| FROM ACADEMY PRESS | BY BENNETT VOGT | December, 2012 | So far, 2012 has seen an number of exciting scientific developments. These include a plethora of verifications of global warming, uses for the wonder-molecule graphene, and applications of 3D-printers. I would like to briefly discuss some of the well known, and lesser known discoveries from […]

Voter Suppression in 2012

| FROM ACADEMY PRESS | BY RACHEL DEMMA | November, 2012 | Since 2011, Voter ID laws have been emerging at a startlingly rapid pace. For the most part, there has been little opposition from the constituents of the states that have passed these laws. This is because legislators have been using “it’s common sense” […]

Sitting in the Middle

| FROM ACADEMY PRESS | BY JANINA HUANG | November, 2012 | Every four years, there are certain events that we can expect to happen. There’s a leap year, a total solar eclipse occurs, and the Olympic games take place. Every four years, in America, we elect a new president. To some people this is […]

The Electoral College vs. The Alternative Vote

| FROM ACADEMY PRESS | BY NIX GOLDOWSKY-DILL | November, 2012 | America’s election system: the very embodiment of a fair, simple, and democratic election. One vote per person, the candidate with the most votes wins.  Simple, fair, and accurate.  Right? Unfortunately, this is not entirely the case.  Among the many complications is the Electoral […]