Literary Magazine

The Muse is the Academy’s annual literary publication featuring student writing and a selection of student artwork.  This student club is for students seeking to write and publish their own fiction, poetry, and drama, or who want to edit and support the work of others. Students function as members of an editorial collective that solicits and selects works from their peers and then prepares them for publication.

Online Selections from The Muse:

Susurrus, Marwa Sayed
Enough, Madeleine Joung
The Ceaseless Waltz, Gaby Diaz
Belated, Susanna Faas-Bush
A Journal Entry Describing My Family, Audrey White
Untitled, Mnemo Rice
Bounty Train, Bennett Vogt
Groundwater, Marwa Sayed
Love does not have the force to create stars, Nelll White
Xception, David Kleinman
On Oberon (and Other Matters), Katrina Goldowsky-Dill
Untitled, Unsent, Susanna Faas-Bush
Sting, Audrey White
Castles in the Air, Marwa Sayed
I Won’t, Mnemo Rice
Untitled, Madeleine Joung
A Fancy and Nothing More, Marwa Sayed
Sounds of Silence, Katrina Goldowsky-Dill