picture of AnnelieseHello!  I am a recent Ph.D. graduate from the Department of Astronomy at Boston University.  My research interests include planet formation, brown dwarfs, protoplanetary disks, and exoplanets.  I currently work with Catherine Espaillat researching protoplanetary disks around brown dwarf stars in order to constrain theories of brown dwarf formation.  Studying these disks also enables us to determine whether planets are able to form around brown dwarfs.  I combine data manipulation, Python coding, and data analysis to understand more about these disk systems. I also implemented a new artificial neural network to model disks 10^6 times faster than our previous models! Please check out my research page for more details about my work, and contact me at amr5 -at- bu -dot- edu with questions or comments.

Recent publications:

Disk Masses and Dust Evolution in Disks Around T Tauri Stars, coming soon! Currently under peer review with ApJ.

Disk Masses and Dust Evolution of Protoplanetary Disks Around Brown Dwarfs, published in ApJ November 2021

Modeling the Protoplanetary Disks of Two Brown Dwarfs in the Taurus Molecular Cloud, published in ApJ June 2019

The header image is an artist’s rendition of a protoplanetary disk surrounding a central star.  Image credit: NASA/FUSE/Lynette Cook.

Photo of me taken by Allie McCarthy.