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Misconceptions of the Bumblebee: an in-depth Analysis of an Aerodynamic Marvel

You have probably all heard, at one point or another, that the bumblebee is nothing short of a scientific enigma – that our greatest minds, who have managed to place a man on the moon, have yet to explain the aerodynamics of the bumblebee’s flight. Unfortunately (or rather fortunately) this is all a misconception. Studies […]


So on my way back to BU after Thanksgiving break, I was trying to sleep on the airplane when everything started to shake. This got me to thinking, what causes turbulence during flight? In its basic form, turbulence is a disruption in the air flow over the wings of the plane (or bird). It can […]

Silence is Golden, Thanks to the Owl

Biologists have discovered several different reasons for which owls are able to fly in silence. The specific shape of the wing and the feathers have a lot to do with the cancellation of noise.   The serrated edges on the front of the owls wing help in channeling air smoothly over the wings, which reduces […]

Biomimicry in Model Rocketry

Model rocketry has a frequently hostile relationship with nature. Hard desert floors shatter swiftly falling rockets, ponds drown them, high grass hides them, and high winds carry them away. So many rockets drift into the forests that inevitably surround launch fields that my local club joking acronyms itself “Carefully Arranged Tree Ornaments”. But model rocketry […]

The Goshawk: The Peak of Aviation

When it comes to precision in flight, there is no match for the Goshawk. Goshawks are species of birds of prey mainly in the genus Accipiter. There are more than 25 types of goshawk but the most prevalent species is the Northern Goshawk. It is in fact the only species of Goshawk in North America […]