Published Writing

Research Articles

The Distribution of Satellite Galaxies in the IllustrisTNG100 Simulation (ApJ) | Bryanne McDonough & Tereasa Brainerd

Modeling the Infrared Reverberation Response of the Circumnuclear Dusty Torus in AGNs: An Investigation of Torus Response Functions (ApJ) |Triana Almeyda, Andrew Robinson, Michael Richmond, Robert Nikutta, Bryanne McDonough


Pedagogy and Education

Including Diverse Role Models in STEM Curricula (BU Center for Teaching and Learning)



Astrobites are summaries of scientific journal articles. I was an author from 2019 2021.

How to Quench a Galaxy

A Different Kind of World-Changing Disaster: Another Carrington Event

Historical Flares of Sgr A*: A Polarizing Event?

How to Grow a Giant Galaxy

BEYOND: Space Missions To Look Forward To In the 2020s

Connections on the Cosmic Web

Modeling Supernovae Feedback as a Galactic Fountain

Hide and Seek with Satellite Galaxies

Discovery of a star yeeted out of the Milky Way (this title spawned my 15 minutes of twitter fame and received a lot of engagement)








Learning about galaxy evolution with naked red nuggets

STROOPWAFEL: An astrophysical algorithm, not a Dutch cookie

A Strange Type of Matter May Lie at the Heart of Neutron Stars

The Search for Black Hole Teenagers