Teaching is my passion and I have a long teaching record dating back to my second semester at RIT. I was part of RIT’s Learning Assistant program, which included a 2-credit course in STEM pedagogy. My responsibilities as a learning assistant included teaching recitation sections, assisting instructors in classroom activities and facilitating communication with instructors on ways to improve the learning experience. RIT’s program was modeled off of a similar program at University of Colorado – Boulder.

I am currently a teaching fellow for AS 100 – Cosmic Controversies.

Past courses I have taught at RIT as a learning assistant:

Phys 150 – Intro to Special Relativity (one semester)
Phys 211 – University Physics I (two semesters)
Phys 212 – University Physics II (two semesters)
Phys 111 – College Physics I (two semesters)