The following are some frequently asked questions regarding practices and Jiu Jitsu in general:

Q: How do I join?

A: All you have to do is come on in! Come to any one of our practices and talk to an officer. We’ll be happy to show you how practice is run and you can either watch a practice to get comfortable or just jump right in and start training.

Q: Who can join BUBJJ?

A: Enrollment is open to all BU students who are compliant with student accounting services.  NO previous Jiu Jitsu, or martial arts experience of any kind is required; all are welcome, from first timers to black belts.

Q: How much does club membership cost?

A: Club dues are collected the first week of each semester and are $100/semester.  We understand that money can be tight, so in order to accommodate everyone, we offer a 2-semester package for the price of $180, up-front, which equates to a $20 savings. A comparable rate for the quality of instruction we have at any other gym in the Boston area would be about $160/month; you’re paying less than that for an entire semester.

Q: What sort of equipment will I need?

A: Generally, comfortable athletic clothes are all you need.  Due to the nature of grappling and Jiu Jitsu, we recommend tight fitting tops (rash guards, under armor, etc), and compression shorts.  Mouth guards are also recommended for all participants, and are required for those wearing braces.  When practicing, we generally go barefoot, but clean wrestling shoes are also acceptable.  Optional items include: knee pads, a cup, headgear, 14 oz. boxing gloves, and shin pads for Muay Thai.

Q: What are practices like?

A: Practice formats vary depending on who is coaching, but always begin with warm-ups and stretching, and end with “open mat” time.  During open mat, members are welcome to drill or grapple with other members at their own discretion.

Q: What about infections like Ringworm and Staph?

A: We always strive for safety first.  Our mats are cleaned and disinfected thoroughly at the end of every practice.  That being said, skin infections, though rare, still occur.  Our club officers and coaches know what infections look like and can offer appropriate advice accordingly.  Ringworm, the most common skin infection in grappling, can most often be cleared up in about a week by using over-the-counter athlete’s foot medication.  Other infections such as Staph and MRSA are more serious and usually require a prescription drug.  You can lower your risk by doing the following: wear long-sleeve rash guard type tops to practice, shower immediately after practice, and use anti-bacterial soap.  If you suspect you have a skin infection, tell one of the club officers immediately, don’t wait until you have infected your practice partner.

Q: Do you guys go to competitions?

A: Yes!  We go to a select few competitions per year, in addition to hosting at least one in-house tournament.   This semester we plan on going to NAGA in October, and Grappling Industries in November.  Our competition team generally consists of up to ten dedicated and outstanding members.  If you want to compete, a good rule of thumb is: if you put in your time, you’ll be rewarded for it.

Q: When and where is practice held?

A: Practice is held in at the FitRec Center, room L137.  That’s the large multipurpose room next to the base of the rock-wall.  See the “Practice Schedule” section for details on individual practices.