Upward Bound Math and Science Summer Program

The Upward Bound Math and Science Summer Program will be participating in an Public Health Laboratory Rotation this summer. The Public Health labs will be in areas of Environmental Health, International Health, and Biostatistics.

The BSA will be working in conjunction with the project managers to organize the Biostatistics lab session on July 27 from 9am – 4pm. All the lab sessions dates are as follows:

July 15th: Environmental Health

July 20th: International Health

July 27th: Biostatistics

At the end of the summer, the UBMS students will present on the materials/topics discussed at these sessions (more info. to come).

If you’re interested in volunteering to organize and/or run part of the Biostatistics lab please contact Carlee at cmoser@bu.edu.

More updates on the progress and lab session will follow in the upcoming weeks!


-The BSA

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