New semester, new officers… just NEW!

Hello there, students! This welcome post is a little on the late side (our apologies) but better late than never! We hope you all had a fantastic summer and that your Fall semesters are going well so far. We know how busy everyone gets with classes, RAs, TAs, jobs, etc but we have some exciting announcements!

First off…

We keep saying “we”… and by “we”, we now mean Danielle Enserro & Sean Lacey, your new President and Vice President. Sarah and Carlee, after years of being amazing officers, have moved on to bigger things (you know… like drowning in their theses) so we’ve taken over! Think of this as the BSA remixed… BSA v2.0 if you will. 🙂 However, now that we’ve moved up to Prez and VP, we now have TWO officer positions open!! Whoa, whoa.. don’t all jump up at once. Seriously, we need to fill our Secretary and Treasurer positions, neither of which require a lot of time, just a few basic duties for each. If you are interested at all or if you have questions about what being either Secretary or Treasurer entails, please e-mail Danielle at Please, we really hope to hear from you!


The first BSA meeting of Fall 2012 is scheduled for Thursday, October 11 at 1:30 pm in the Biostatistics student room on the 3rd floor of Crosstown. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come by, even if just to check in and say “hi”. There will be some sort of snack item(s) there, although we’ve not decided what yet. We’d love to see your awesome faces there, whether it be the returning students or the new students. The agenda for this meeting is to discuss the direction the BSA is taking this year and to get any ideas you may have on events or gatherings you’d like to participate in, be it social or informational. The BSA is here for YOU, so it’s important that you tell us what you would like to get out of it. We will do our best to make what we can happen.

That’s about it so far. Be sure to check back here for updates, announcements, events, etc!

Have a great rest of September/start to October and we hope to see you on October 11! 😀


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New semester, new officers… just NEW! | Biostatistics Student Association1661490687

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New semester, new officers… just NEW! | Biostatistics Student Association1661495175

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