Updates, Reminders & Upcoming Events

Greetings from the BSA!

First off, the minutes from the first BSA meeting of the semester have been uploaded. You can access them in “Meeting Minutes” towards the bottom of the column to the right of this post. All of the meeting minutes are listed in chronological order so the most recent meeting minutes are the very last entry.

A few highlights that were discussed in the meeting:

1.) Meetings will now be scheduled on the second Thursday of every month at 1:15 pm. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 8th in the Biostatistics Student Room (CT345).

2.) We have an some officer nominations! As you know, we have open spots for Secretary and Treasurer. We have received three self-nominations thus far for these positions and we will be accepting nominations up until November 1st. Once all nominations are in, we will send around an e-mail poll for voting in the Officers, with introductions about each of the nominees. Again, the nomination period is still open so if you are interested in either the Secretary position or the Treasurer position, please send an e-mail to Danielle at denserro@bu.edu.

3.) There was much talk about requested student events, both academic and social, as well as community service. A couple scheduled events to add to your calendar:

The Biostatistics Department / DCC Halloween Party – Wednesday, October 31 at 12 pm in CT332 (Information to follow via e-mail)

BSA Happy Hour – Friday, November 16 at 5 pm – Location TBD (probably in the Allston area)

We are also planning a Registration Lunch for either 11/7/2012 or 11/9/2012, which is a chance for the new students to ask the returning students about courses, qualifiers, thesis writing, etc., as well as eat provided lunch and socialize! As soon as this event is scheduled, we will update you with the time, room, etc.

A lot more than the above listed topics was discussed at the meeting so again, please check out the Meeting Minutes from 10/11/2012.

Hope to see you at the upcoming events and the meeting on 11/8! 🙂


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Updates, Reminders & Upcoming Events | Biostatistics Student Association1661490669

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