At Restaurants, Toilets as Important as the Meal!

A recent survey found that Americans who eat out care as much about the restaurants’ bathrooms as they do about the food. Boston University School of Hospitality Assistant Professor Peter Szende hopes these new findings make restaurants rethink their tactics on customer retention:

“Restaurants discreetly direct their customers to the bathroom as though it were an amenity beyond their control, outside the boundaries of their core service responsibilities. Most restaurants have well-defined strategies how to turn a table, how to make sure that each customer gets a clean table and a friendly server. Unfortunately, very few restaurants consider the bathroom visit as part of their service blueprint. The bathroom experience should be designed similarly to the meal experience in a way that guests find it so memorable that it should be repeated over time. The active participation and ‘physical immersion’ enables restaurants to easily stage the experience and provide a relief from real life by engaging customers with distinct and rich esthetic & entertainment elements. “

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