Thanksgiving Tips: Avoid that Too-Full Feeling

Boston University’s resident nutrition expert Joan Salge Blake was quoted in a Washington Post article this week providing tips on how to avoid feeling too full during your Thanksgiving meal:

“Eat breakfast: Don’t starve yourself during the day. Otherwise, you’ll be so ravenous come turkey time you’ll stuff yourself silly.

Move the mealtime: Eat at 1:00 instead of 4:00, Salge Blake recommends. Wait till it’s late and you may find yourself saying, ‘It’s a long time between breakfast and 4:00. I’m noshing!,’ she says. ‘The absolute worst that will happen,’ she says, ‘is that we may be hungry again at 6:00. So you pull it all out again then’ to eat when your stomach is really ready for more.

Allocate alcohol: Nothing kills willpower like too much to drink. If alcohol is part of your celebration, sip wine with your meal; don’t imbibe on an empty stomach.”

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