Microsoft’s new “PC-beats-Mac” ad a “no-brainer”

Advertising Professor Tom Fauls, a veteran of the ad industry, says Microsoft’s new advertising strategy emphasizing the lower cost of Windows PCs vs. Macs, is smart but may not gain much.

“For Microsoft to leverage the value issue in the depths of the recession is a no-brainer.  This new spot is far less painful than previous campaigns (the Seinfeld-Gates spots are still wince-worthy, even as a memory).

“But the new campaign reinforces the status quo.  Macs aren’t for everyone because you do need more money, and it helps to be confidant and cool.  Apple doesn’t have the sales volume, but their more exclusive brand lets them keep those higher prices (and margins). 

“The Microsoft campaign may be strengthening Mac’s grand attributes while driving a few more low-profit-margin PC sales.”

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