Monthly Archives: May 2009

U.S.-Israel settlements rift widens

President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton are pressing Israel to freeze the building of settlements on Israel’s West Bank.  Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu insists any freeze would only be part of an end-game peace solution with the Palestinian government.  College of Communication journalism Professor Robert Zelnick, a former ABC News Middle East correspondent and […]

Learning to “Bing” it

In its effort to better compete with Google, Microsoft is rebranding its search engine.  Microsoft’s “Live Search” (which used to be “MSN Search”) is now officially called “Bing” — or as Microsoft says, “the sound of found.”  School of Management marketing Professor C.B. Battacharya can discuss the challenges of rebranding and retaining brand loyalty. Contact […]

Sotomayor could “shake up” SCOTUS

Sonia Sotomayor, President Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court, was a politically wise choice, says School of Law Professor Jack Beermann, an authority on high-court politics.  In a BU Today interview, Beermann says Sotomayor could “shake up the dynamics” of the court if confirmed by the Senate. Contact Jack Beermann, 617-353-2577,

Pequot Capital Management hedge fund closes

Under the shadow of an insider-trading probe, pioneering hedge fund Pequot Capital Management is shutting down forever.  School of Law Professor Tamar Frankel, an authority on securities law and legal ethics, says this is another lesson in why hedge funds should not be exempt from regulation. Contact Tamar Frankel, 617-353-3773,

Time Warner to spin off AOL

After a 9-year marriage, media conglomerate Time Warner confirms it will spin off its poorly performing AOL division which will become an independent, publicly traded company.  School of Management Professor N. Venkat Venkatraman, chairman of the Information Systems Department, can offer some look-back and look-ahead commentary. Contact N. Venkat Venkatraman, 617-353-7117,

Measuring radiation levels on the moon to later visit Mars

To determine the lunar radiation environment on the Moon, as a prelude to going to Mars, NASA will launch, on June 17th, the Lunar Reconaissance Orbiter with a Cosmic Ray Telescope developed by Harlan Spence, professor of astronomy. The instrument will include plastic “skin,” to study how the Moon’s radiation levels affect humans over time. […]

Jay hands “Tonight” to Conan

As host Jay Leno hands over NBC’s “Tonight Show” to Conan O’Brien, late night television continues to evolve.  College of Communication Professor Cathy Perron, who heads the school’s TV department, can discuss the ever changing nature of television programming. Contact Cathy Perron, 617-353-4976,

FBI and anti-terrorism

Sources say the FBI will get an expanded role in global counter-terrorism under a “global justice” initiative that will diminish the CIA’s central role.  School of Law national security law lecturer Philip O’Neill, author of “National Security and the Legal Process,” can put into context this shift in emphasis. Contact Philip O’Neill, 617-951-2253,

Single bank regulator eyed

The Obama administration is reportedly close to recommending creation of a single agency to regulate banking  as a keystone to an overhaul of the entire financial regulatory system.  From the School of Law ‘s Morin Center for Banking and Financial Law both Professor Cornelius Hurley, a former Federal Reserve counsel, and Robert Bench, former deputy Comptroller of […]

WH “background” briefings knocked

White House print reporters are protesting the administration’s frequent use of not-for-attribution “background” briefings.  College of Communication Dean Tom Fiedler, a Pulitzer-winning former executive editor at the Miami Herald, can comment on why such briefings are a touchy media matter. Contact Tom Fiedler, 617-353-3488,