Monthly Archives: June 2009

It will be “Senator” Franken

After seven months of recounting U.S. Senate election results in Minnesota, that state’s Supreme Court said Democrat Al Franken is “entitled” to be certified the winner.  GOP challenger Norm Coleman then conceded.  When Franken is seated, Democrats could have a 60-seat filibuster-proof majority.  College of Communication Professor Linda Killian, director of the BU Washington Journalism Center, […]

Prof. Bob Zelnick comments on Supreme Court reversal of Sotomayor ruling

SCOTUS and campaign spending

The Supreme Court has asked for re-arguments in September – after their summer break but before the start of the next term – on a campaign-spending case involving “Hillary: The Movie.”  A ruling could okay unlimited corporate spending for political TV ads.  College of Communication Associate  Dean Tobe Berkovitz, an expert on political advertising, can […]

Jobs back at Apple job

With Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs back to work after a six-month medical leave and a liver transplant, questions remain about the company’s responsibility to inform shareholders about Jobs’ condition.  School of Management Senior Associate Dean Mike Lawson, an economics professor, can discuss the tricky situation. Contact Mike Lawson, 617-353-2664,

Jacko’s kids’ custody

With the fate of Michael Jackson’s estate still up in the air, custody of the late King of Pop’s three children has temporarily been granted to his mother.  School of Law Professor Linda McClain, an authority on family law, can discuss the complications of custody in some cases. Contact Linda McClain, 617-358-4635,

GM bankruptcy hearing

Bailed-out General Motors is in bankruptcy court today seeking permission to sell off its assets to the U.S. Treasury funded Vehicle Acquisition Holdings LLC.  School of Management Professor Israel Shaked, a bankruptcy expert, can discuss the process. Contact Israel Shaked, 617-353-2665,

Jacko’s place in music history

As funeral preparations are made for Michael Jackson, music historians will focus on the King of Pop’s place in the pantheon of musicology.  BU Associate Provost Victor Coelho, a professor in the College of Fine Arts and an expert on rock history, can discuss Jackson’s contributions to the arts. Contact Victor Coelho, 617-358-0628,

Souter’s last day

The Supreme Court today wraps up its session before summer recess.  That means it’s Justice David Souter’s final day on the high court to which he was appointed in 1990.  School of Law Professor Jack Beermann, an expert on Supreme Court history, can discuss Souter’s legacy. Contact Jack Beermann, 617-353-2577,

Obama meeting gay-rights leaders

President Obama today hosts 250 gay leaders at  the White House to publicly commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Inn police raid, the birth of the modern gay rights movement.  The meeting comes as many in the gay community are expressing dissatisfaction with Obama’s lack of follow-through on campaign pledges about gay issues.  School […]

Madoff sentencing

Seventy-one-year-old Bernard Madoff today gets sentenced in federal court for admitting to the biggest investment fraud in  history.  School of Law Professor Tamar Frankel, an authority on securities law and legal ethics (and who is writing a book on Ponzi schemes), can discuss Madoff’s legal legacy. Contact Tamar Frankel, 617-353-3773,