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AIG backlash heats up

The heat continues to increase on insurance giant AIG, which got $182 billion in taxpayer bailouts yet gave out $165 million in bonuses.  New York Senator Chuck Schumer says President Obama’s pay czar should be given the power to recover the “outrageous” bonuses.  Law Professor Cornelius Hurley, director of the Morin Center for Banking and Financial […]

AIG breaks bonuses promises

Insurance giant AIG, bailed out by taxpayers to the tune of $180 billion, had promised to return $45 million of the $165 million in bonuses it paid despite the bailout.  But most of that remains unpaid, the Washington Post reports.  Former Federal Reserve Bank examiner Mark T. Williams, who teaches finance at BU’s School of […]

From Joan Salge Blake:

Tip No. 6: Be part of the solution Be sure to practice what you preach at your own party. Limit the number of hors d’oeuvres you serve and keep them as healthful as possible. Choose fresh veggies and sliced fruit instead of cheese and crackers. Serve dinner early and choose a lean entree such as […]

Iran denies nuke story

Iranian President Ahmadinejad denies reports of a confidential Iranian document describing that country’s effort to design an atomic bomb trigger.  He says it was forged by America.  Attorney Philip O’Neill, who teaches national security law at BU Law School and is the author of the soon-to-be published “Verification in an Age of Insecurity,” says Iran […]

Google & Yelp, maybe not

Talks have broken down after a flurry of stories saying Google was about to buy the online local search and business-review provider Yelp in order to expand search advertising opportunities.  School of Management Professor N. Venkat Venkatraman, chairman of the Information Systems Department, says a Google acquisition of Yelp could benefit both. “Yelp could play an important part […]

From Joan Salge Blake:

Tip No. 5: Flatter the cook Cooks always bring out their best recipes for the holidays. The only problem is that they expect you to eat all that food even if you are stuffed. Unfortunately, cleaning your plate is a signal to the hostess that you enjoyed the meal. Tip: Ask him or her for […]

Healthcare bill advances in Senate

In a dramatic middle-of-the-night vote, Democrats won a 60-40 procedural vote on the Senate healthcare-reform bill which they hope to pass on Christmas Eve.  School of Management Professor Stephen Davidson, whose book “Still Broken: Understanding the U.S. Healthcare System” will be published soon, says in a Huffington Post commentary that progressive should take the best […]

From Joan Salge Blake:

Tip No. 4: Stuff yourself before you go If the dinner party invitation says cocktails start at 7 pm, this probably means that dinner won’t be served until Dave Letterman is delivering his monologue. As the evening wears on, even the wallpaper will start to look tasty. In this ravenous state you are likely to […]

From Joan Salge Blake:

Tip No. 3: Cut back on the hors d’oeuvres Did you know that one ounce of brie cheese melted on a hunk of crispy French breadpacks over 100 calories and 9 grams of fat? Couple that with a few other nibbles and you’ll have to beep your tailor before dinner is served. Making a meal […]

U.S. talked of replacing Karzai

A top U.S. diplomat reportedly discussed enlisting the White House in replacing Afghan President Karzai after Karzai’s flawed re-election victory this fall.  But it went no where and the diplomat was fired.  Journalism Professor Nick Mills, author of “Karzai: The Failing American Intervention and the Struggle for Afghanistan,” thinks the diplomat, Peter Galbraith, had the […]